The weatherforecast, reviews from earlier guests and useful hyperlinks

On this page we provide you with a lot of useful and interesting hyperlinks, as part of your preparations and in anticipation to your stay in the Ribagorza. Offcourse you find reviews regarding our B&B given by earlier guests on the webpages of Zoover and Tripadvisor. A variety of weatherforecasts may not be ommited. But on this page you also find information about the region, complete with virtual tours and a nice television tour. Furthermore you find information about safety, hiking and routes, also downloadable to your GPS device. And much more.

If you seek specific information, please contact us so we can provide it to you.  

In anticipation to your holiday in La Ribagorza, we selected a series of useful and helpful hyperlinks for you
Reservation Before you make a reservation with us, please read our General Terms (PdF) click
YouTube Take a look at our home made video, it is a nice first impression to Visalibons and our Bed & Breakfast!
Weather The weatherforecast for Torre la Ribera the upcoming 7 days. AEMET (English) click
Weather Clear weatherforecast with clear symbols, also webcams, Aragonese Pyrenees (Spanish) click
Region The website from the department of Turism Ribagorza County (English) click
Region Showing the variety of this stunning region! Nice promotional from Turist department. 5:06 with music.
Region "Fly" virtually over the highest mountains or visit the best buildings from the inside. Virtual touring! click
Region La Ribagorza in the year 1000. For those who love history, culture and ancient buildings. (English) click
Region The county is scattered with Romanesque architecture. Bridges, churches, monasteries. (Spanish) click
Pyrenees Wikipedia knows it all, also about the Pyrenees. Etymology, geography, landscape, climate and a lot more click
Hiking This is all about walking and hiking. Equipment, safety, routes, navigation, food and a lot more (English)
GPS Our hikingfolders are loaded with information. Most of those routes are downloadable to a GPS click
Safety Most important things to know about mountain safety, info given to you from the Metoffice (English) click
Safety Never ever let this happen! Spectacular interactive 3D recordings from a helicopter rescue exercise click
Outdoor Our friends from Sin Fronteras in nearby Campo. We book your outdooractivities with them! (English) click
Geocaching Treasurehunting with a GPS device; nice for the young and the old. Also in our region plenty of hides! click
Wine We have a special connexion with this bodega, therefore serving and selling their wines (English) click
News Latest news about Spain, written in English click

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